Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Saw Mill Ski Area

Trailhead Elevation: 6200 ft
Trail Open To: Classic, Skate and Snowshoes
Elevation Gain: 90
Restroom: 2 outhouses remain open in winter. 1 at the Sawmill parking area and the other is at the east end by the exit bridge.
Distance: 2.2 miles round trip
Time: 1 hour
Driving Directions: Take exit 284 in Utah County. Travel east on the Timpanogos Highway (SR 92) to American Fork Canyon USFS fee station. From the Fee Station, travel 3.5 miles to Sawmill Picnic Area.

Entrance: Cross the bridge at Sawmill Picnic Area and follow the trail (53) left towards the Little Mill Campground.

Middle: ¼ into the trail you will reach Little Mill Campground, continue through the campground until you reach the Forest Service fence.

Exit: Return the way you came

The Business: This is a great beginner trail as it is relatively flat, It is groomed and runs the entire length of the Little Mill Campground. There is a small rolling hill at the entrance. This is a know avalanche path, so check avalanche conditions before heading out to the trail. The pay station also has updates on avalanches potential for the day.The trail follows the American Fork River and SR-92..