Monday, September 28, 2015

Cascade Springs

hike utah county, hiking in utah county, hiking american fork canyon, trails, cascade springsTrailhead Elevation: 6231 ft
Trail Open To: Hike,Wheelchair, Stroller
Elevation Gain: 185
Trailhead Outhouse: Yes
Distance:1 mile 
Time: ½ hour
Driving Directions: Take exit 284 in Utah County. Travel east on the Timpanogos Highway (SR 92) to American Fork Canyon USFS fee station. From the Fee Station, travel 4.6 miles to North Fork/ Alpine Loop Junction. Follow the sign right, for the Alpine Loop. Drive 5 miles then take a left onto Cascade Springs Scenic Drive. There are 2 parking areas upper and lower.

Entrance: A Trailhead begins at both parking areas
hike utah county, hiking in utah county, hiking american fork canyon,trails, cascade springs cascade springs

Exit: Return the way you came

The Business: This is a paved, child friendly, nature walk that winds through several ponds and across boardwalks and bridges. The trail consists of 3 loops with several signs along the trail, so you can learn about flora and fauna of the area. Fishing and playing in the water is not allowed. 

There is Stinging Nettle and other hazardous plants along the trail, make sure children are not leaving the trail and picking flowers. There is a informative sign to help you identify what these plants looks like.