Monday, June 1, 2015

When you’re on the wrong path, the universe will put you on the right one.

Back of Beyond Expeditions When I started my career path 13 years ago, my goal was to be my own boss. I have always had this problem with authority and having a “boss” has never been an appealing idea. Due to family responsibilities I succumbed to the dark side and compromised my goals.

Now I am at a major turning point in my life. I have been given the opportunity to achieve my goals. The owner of the shop I was previously managing came down with a severe case of disloyalty and quite possible greed.  I left the shop being told that a severance package would be deposited into my bank account. A month later and I have yet to see this money, but I don’t need his help and I’m not going to sit around and get pissed that I was lied to after turning a $100 a day company into a $3,000+ a day company. I made his dreams come true, but now it’s my turn…..

We give up our home this Saturday, June 6th. We intend to camp, fish and enjoy life. Our home for the next few weeks will be a Mountainsmith Conifer 5+, my dresser will be a Mountainsmith Scream 25 backpack (stay tuned for the gear reviews if you’re into that sort of thing).  We have no set plans, just camping and working on our career goals.

My wife, Jennavive Milligan will be documenting this trip through photography on her blog: The
Adventures of the Utah fantastic 4. While she works on making her photography business successful, I will search for those back of beyond places to camp, hike and fish. Hopefully some canyoneering routes will fall into my lap along the way.