Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I have never been the type of person to pay to go camping. Seeing how we are on an extended family vacation I thought showers and pool would be a nice thing to have. That thought process has lead me to the most miserable night of my life. It’s almost 6 in the morning and I should be out fishing, but instead I am here at the Springville KOA wondering what their refund policy is and if this coffee will ever kick in.

hike utah county, hikes, hikingAt least my kids are sleeping through it. They will be nice and rambunctious and ready to tackle the day while my wife and I will be more than likely zombified and trying not to pull our hair out while the toxic fumes of what can only be burning tires blow through the campground.

The glamping started out pretty decent, I took the kids swimming, we played the Camp board game and I drank some tasty IPA’s..The best part of this KOA is the liquor store across the street.

Everything seemed to be going good, The family was sacked out by 10 after a fun day. Then the train came. Most places have a noise ordinance and you would really expect that all human beings would want to respect the silence of sleeping people. The Union Pacific does not fall into that category of considerate people. Just 5 hours of sleep and here comes the damn train horns.
I was a little annoyed, but I figured it will be over soon. Boy was I wrong the train managed to wake up every bird in the nice little refuge adjacent to the park. They must have really been annoyed by the train because it’s been 3 hours and they won’t shut up about it.