Friday, May 1, 2015

"The Water Shoe"

Adidas Hydro Pro and Hydro Lace

(canyoneering boot)

Many people envision The Narrows as walking up a river with a nice sandy bottom, lined with small river rocks. However this is not the case. The river bed in The Narrows is best described as walking on bowling ball sized cobbles, with occasional sand spots.  These cobbles can be extremely slippery and awkward to walk on with a normal shoe or barefoot,  but thanks to Adidas technology, walking in The Narrows does not have to be uncomfortable.

images (32)The Adidas Hydro Pro and Hydro Lace have the most comfort, the best traction, ankle support and toe protection you could ask for in a “river shoe” .  These shoes have the finest sport technology for all day comfort. The patented Adiprene helps absorb shock in the heel and provides energy rebound in the forefoot, giving you the all day comfort you need when hiking in The Narrows.

2 separate Velcro adjustments can be made to the collar of the shoe. This design not only assistshydro pro with keeping those pesky pebbles out of your shoe, it also allows you to find the perfect amount of support and comfort for your ankles.

The Narrows  water temperatures ranges roughly from 40 to 60 degrees, making it a cold hike anytime of the year.  The Adidas Hydro series have a neoprene liner which aids  in keeping feet warm, unlike other shoes that are used for The Narrows.  The Hydro series is designed to keep the warm water in. Other styles of canyon boots are mesh so the cold water is free to move in and out of the boot instead  of trapping warm water inside
How does Neoprene work?

Neoprene works by trapping a thin layer of water between the neoprene and the skin. The body temperature of the hiker heats this water giving a nice warm water blanket. The thicker the neoprene used the warmer your foot will be. This is why getting a neoprene sock that fits well is a must, topped off with an extra layer of neoprene from the Adidas Hydro-lace your feet will stay warm no matter the season you come to visit The Narrows.

What is so special about the traction?

Stealth rubber is a state of the art technology designed by the founder of a rock climbing shoe company, which is now owned by Adidas.
“Stealth Rubber soles increase the amount of body weight a climber (or canyoneer) could exert on his feet before the rubber bond broke away from the rock”
Adidas use a Stealth composite in their “traxion”, this keeps you from slipping and sliding while on your adventure, leaving more time to enjoy the scenery. You won’t find that kind of assurance from on your old gym shoe.