Monday, April 8, 2013

Zion Narrows

The greatest part about working 20’ from Zion National Park is I get to constantly play in the park. Every morning before work I literally hop, skip and jump right into the park, ok it takes a couple extra skips…. To be honest I usually drive or ride my bike into the park, early mornings are no time to be jumping and skipping.

As an outfitter I find it a necessity to know the conditions of popular trails in the park. I always get at least 50 tourist with a thousand questions and if you can’t answer every question they look at you like you’re an idiot, though I maybe an idiot the tourists don’t need to know that. It is privileged information for my wife and now everyone reading this paper. Any who I’m sure you would rather read about adventures in Zion than to what caliber of idiot I may be on any given day so here goes.

Roughly two weeks ago, the second Saturday in March to be exact. I decided to hike The Narrows, I had tried recruiting a couple of my fellow students ,but apparently studying and working is more fun than floating down a river in a dry suit. Props to them for making the responsible choice. I on the other hand made a responsible choice too, for the good of the company I decided that I better forge my way up the Virgin River in the freezing cold to check conditions. As it turns out it was one of the best decisions I’ve made so far this year.

A friend of mine from St. George decided he needed a day off from healing the sick. (He’s a nurse at the Dixie hospital)  We met up at my shop, Zion Outfitter and grabbed some gear and drove post haste to the Temple of Sinawava. The winter is a great time to visit The Narrows; only the truly dedicated would get up early morning in the freezing cold and walk up a river. That being the case we only ran into 6 other adventurers. One of which happened to be the product designer for Lowe Pro, he was out testing a camera bag (sweet job) but that’s a completely different story.

To sum up the trip. The water was cold, but being in a dry suit, 5mm neoprene socks and those sweet Addidas Hydro Pros I didn’t notice the temp; until I decided to go for a swim and my hands and face got wet. (Note to self and anyone reading this: Bring neoprene gloves if planning on swimming). I could go on for days about the majesty of The Narrows, for those of you who have been there you know what I mean, for those of you who haven’t get off my blog and start living a little; memories are made not read about.
 My favorite section of this hike is the Orderville confluence. There are always a couple of pools to float around in and in my opinion this section is tons more scenic than “Wall Street”. There are always less people in Orderville which is nice.  

Disclaimer:  Don’t tell the tourist I said that and please don’t go to Orderville if I’m there, I crave solitude in the outdoors.