Monday, April 8, 2013

Krooked Kanyon

Last January I had the opportunity to do some exploration around Cedar City as part of a class I was taking at SUU. The purpose of the course was to find destinations that would appeal to tourist. Since I enjoy canyoneering I thought it would be awesome to find one close to Cedar. While I did succeed in finding a canyon I don’t think many folks would take the time to do it.
It took about 2 hours round trip for +Keith Howells and I, that included, hauling rocks and anchor building time. I decided to name the canyon “Krooked Kanyon”, at the time I was also trying to promote an online company I had started for another school project. I have neglected to keep up with that project. I always joked that the canyon would probably get as much business as my shop, anyway…..If your ever stuck in Cedar City with a flat tire or something, it might be worth your time to check it out. If nothing else there are a few free quick links up there. I posted two vids 1 of our first attempt (we ran out of webbing and had to exit) and 1 of the full descent.

Krooked Kanyon 3A I
There are 2 short slots by mile marker 3 up highway 14 in Cedar City. There is no easy access so you are on your own finding an entrance. I hiked up a steep shale mountain following a deer trail. I’m not going to lie this is not a great canyon, but if you are in Cedar City and have 2 hours to waste it’s something to do. The exit is a great place to park and it is in a wash on the left side of the road right after mile marker 3.
The canyon begins at 37°40'30.12"N 113° 0'36.41"W
The first rap is 15’ it overhangs a little.
Rap 2 is down climbable but we tied in as the rock is crumbly and we didn’t want to fall 10’
We built a dead man on the 3rd rap. The rap is about 25’. This is the best part of the canyon.
A 4’ down climb gets you out into the wash.
Follow the wash for a couple blocks and you hit the next section. There is 5’ down climb then a 30” rap out of the canyon. We rapped off a rock about 15 from the drop.

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